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Sara 8 years ago
I love the first sight of the pussy when the panties are getting pulled over to expose the lips. Such pretty girl on girl fun!
Blake 3 years ago
So pretty :) The highlight was her kissing the other woman on her panties. The wet spot in the front of her panties from the licks, kissing, and pussy arousel was perfect and lovely. When the panties were slid aside and the woman's lips and tongue pressed to her lovers pussy, I smiled, enjoying the hardness increasing in my pants as my dick pushed them ever more outward and taught. Cheers to gay women!
Djz 7 years ago
Two very beautiful women, so intimate with their kissing and licking. The beautiful fingered orgasm at the end of this video is such perfection x
clift 8 years ago
Wow, I would love to have a oral and fuck threesome with these two lezzies
Terrible Video 8 years ago
These two just don't cut it. Very drab looking women and so is their sex. No makeup or slutty clothes are worn either and an ugly looking bed. Terrible video.
Dick 2 years ago
Me encantan las chicas hermosas en lencería muy sexy.